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Spreadsheet Boot Camp is an Excel tutorial based entirely inside a spreadsheet. With over 30 worksheets and 70 lessons you will learn Excel in a fully immersive "boot camp" environment. Our menu system makes it easy to skip or skim topics you already know, while tracking your progress, creating an efficient learning experience.

On average, we expect the entire course to take you 20 hours. SBC requires a small time and monetary investment that will more than be made up by applying your new found Excel mastery.

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SBC contains over 150 exercises and approximately 70 lessons categorized into 21 skill sets.


The first lessons cover shortcuts and efficient navigation. Throughout the tutorial, whenever a menu option or tool is mentioned, it's keyboard shortcut is displayed right next to it.

Best Practices

SBC contains best practice techniques for creating, editing, and reviewing spreadsheets. SBC goes beyond the simply describing what Excel can do, but why you should do it.


SBC was created keeping in mind the "Retention Pyramid". You retain 75% of the information when you complete exercises and 90% when you are forced to implement immediately.

Testimonials from Campus Training

I did not really have much experience with excel but I feel that I learned more in this hour and a half than I did in all of my classes we had in school.

It was a great program. It covered many tools that aren’t covered in my college level excel class.

Excel demonstration far exceeded what I expected. I’ll definitely be back for more!

Best Excel training I’ve ever had. I wish I had taken this course before my internship.

The Complete Excel Tutorial

Spreadsheet Boot Camp is an interactive Excel Tutorial based entirely inside an Excel spreadsheet. Designed to create an efficient learning process and maximize learning retention.

29 Topic Groups

90+ Lessons

80+ Automatically Graded Exercises

150+ Exercises

Compatibility: Windows Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013.

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